Christine Griffin CPC, CRC

Charting a new course for L.I.F.E.


Reality is that divorce touches everyone of us.  Either you have been divorced or you know someone who is divorced or going through a divorce.  The statistics are staggering:


 The divorce rate in America for first marriage, vs second or third marriage

♦  50% percent of first marriages,

♦  67% of second and

♦  74% of third marriages end in divorce,

According to Jennifer Baker of the Forest Institute of Professional Psychology in Springfield, Missouri.


 So, your chance at best is 50/50 to have a marriage last a lifetime.  Notice that I didn't say a "successful marriage" or refer to divorce as a failure in your life because it is not.  I consider my divorce the biggest accomplishment of my life and I invite you to reframe and begin to look at divorce in a new light.  Divorce has a ripple effect in life and Christine will assist you in creating the positive ripple effect.       



In this day and age, divorce is a reality and it is a time of transition, stress and decisions.  You no longer have all the answers, the future is so uncertain and you crave the consistency that life once provided.  It challenges your self image and even your worth sometimes.  Even if you are the one that wanted the divorce, there is stress and getting through it and onto the other side can be a challenge.

The decisions you make during a divorce will have a ripple effect like a pebble in a pond and being conscious and aware of your choices is vital and can also be exciting if you choose to look at it that way. A Divorce Coach will be a beacon of light in the fog.  At a time when nothing seems clear and you cannot see more than what is in front of you, a Divorce Coach will help you see the light.  You will begin to shine again.

The great thing about divorce though is that you get to start new.  With any fresh start there are opportunties for you to reinvent yourself (even if you believe you want it to remain the same).  If divorce is inevitable, things will NOT remain the same no matter how much you are in resistence.

Having a coach during the time of divorce will open up possibilities to create something great in your life and a positive future.  Starting new can be a positive and rewarding experience with a coach.  Contact me for your consultation.