Christine Griffin CPC, CRC

Charting a new course for L.I.F.E.


The process of getting divorced is challenging.  It is a time where getting support to gain clarity is so critical.  A new day is dawning; the sun setting on the marriage that is no longer the foundation of your life.  When your foundation is taken from you, it is time to create a new foundation.  It is time to re-establish your relationship with yourself.

Christine will work with you no matter where you are in the process to develop a vision and gain tools to assist you to feel grounded and whole and complete again.  You will have a vision and clarity around where you are going when you work with Christine.



I am often asked "What is a Divorce Coach."  I will start by telling you what it is not.  divorce coaching is not counseling or therapy.  Counseling and therapy are other avenues of support to help heal the emotional side of processing a divorce.  In fact, counseling or therapy work well in conjunction with a divorce coach.       


                             A Divorce Coach will assist you to reclaim your

power and sit in the driver's seat of your life again. 

Although divorce coaching is a relatively new niche, it is about taking action, being proactive and creating a conscious plan for what experience you want to create going forward.  It is about opening up new possibilities for what things can look like.  It is getting clear that you get to choose your experience; it is not chosen for you.

During a time that you find yourself confused, frustrated and tired, gift yourself with a divorce coach who will help you navigate the myriad of choices that are constantly bombarding you.  Making your way through the legal maze and the emotional roller coaster is daunting for the strongest of people.  Your family and friends will attempt to give you advice and assist, only leaving you feeling more confused and even alone at times.  You are not alone.  The bottom line is that you get to re-establish your relationsip with yourself.  Even if you are on the other side of the divorce or wanting to support another, a Divorce Coach will assist you to:

 ♦  gain clarity about your choices;

 ♦  build confidence in yourself;

 ♦  develop tools for effective communication;

 ♦  create practices for self care and support;

 ♦  begin to create a vision for the new chapter of your life;

 ♦  create actions steps and concrete goals;

 ♦  reduce stress and tension; and

 ♦  re-establish self trust going forward.



Imagine the possibilities when you get to choose your perception and you get to choose your reality.  What if the ending of this chapter in your life is merely your second chance at creating a life that you really love.

 ♦ Do you often feel like you are waiting for the other shoe to drop?

 ♦ Do you feel like your life circumstances are controlling your life?

 ♦ Do you find yourself fearful of what is about to unfold?

 ♦ Do you feel like you are on a roller coaster of emotions?

 ♦ Do you sometimes feel like you are going through the motions?

 ♦ Are you often exhausted by life and the feeling of lack of control?

 ♦ Do you often anticipate what your spouse will do next?


Feeling these ways are natural and working with a divorce coach can be just the support you need to feel balanced and in control again.  Gift yourself with this support and call Christine for your initial consultation.