Christine Griffin CPC, CRC

Charting a new course for L.I.F.E.

Christine Griffin, CPC, CRC

Author and Divorce Coach


Her credentials include:

 ·         A Bachelor’s degree from Anna Maria College(summa cum laude);

·         Certification as a Performance Coach from the Coaching Academy at Resource Realizations;

·         A Certification as a Relationship Coach through The Source Institute at Source Point Training


She is also:

·         a member of the International Coach Federation; and

·         inducted into Cambridge Who’s Who


Christine has spent her career working with people in her professional endeavors, and continues as an Assessor for the Town of Hudson (since 2003) and as a real estate paralegal for Bowditch & Dewey (since 1998). Her professionalism in working with clients and the public has given her great insight and experience in working with others to find a win-win solution.

Christine provides clients with concrete tools around communication, values and accountability in a way that puts them in the driver’s seat. Christine assists others with finding clarity in making decisions, gain confidence in oneself and creating relationships with others that work.

Christine’s purpose as a coach is to empower others to create lives they love. She coaches and supports individuals and groups during times of transition, especially divorce, or just in moving forward to the next level in their life. Most importantly, Christine recognizes and sees the power that each person possesses and can give them tools to embrace those strengths and move forward.

She fulfills her purpose of empowering others in a number of ways from coaching inidividuals, facilitating trainings around values, communication, accountability, choices and more; she facilitates support groups for people going through divorce and has published her book, Divorced: So What, Now What?  Charting a New Course for L.I.F.E. She also gives back by accepting guest speaking opportunities to share a small sample of the tools offered through coaching.




When We Show up, Great things Happen!!

 So, this saying of mine started when I got a ticket for speeding and I appealed the ticket.  When I showed up in front of the Clerk Magistrate, the ticket was waived without saying a word.  So, this really got me thinking about who it is that shows up in my life.  At times, when I feel overwhelmed I might withdraw or sit on the sidelines of life or not try.  It is true in life as well that we create results based on what we do and how we be.  As we engage in life, challenge life and strive to get the results we want, great things do in fact show up. 

 I saw it when I simultaneously engaged finishing up my bachelor's degree, getting certified as a performance coach and getting certified as a relationship coach.  I was showing up and taking action to create something more for myself.  This was all done in the context of being single Mom (with a great support system), working full time as a real estate paralegal and serving on a board in my local town. 

I originally held a belief that I did not have enough time or money.  I challenged this belief and as I did, things showed, like getting credits for my experience and vouchers to pay for my classes and even simultaneous credit for bachelor's degree work in my coach training and vice versa.   

I show up in life!!!!  Do you?  Who is showing up in your life every day?  Take a stand and show up for the party, called your life and watch as great things happen for you.