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Charting a new course for L.I.F.E.

Divorced: So What, Now What? 


Divorce may be the end of your marriage but it is not the end of your L.I.F.E.  Christine learned that her divorce was not her greatest failure but her greatest accomplishment. 

She reinvented and reinvested in herself to live a life she loves. She became an Author, a Certified Performance Coach and a Certified Relationship Coach, specializing in divorce.  The intensive certification programs and her background in the legal field equip her to be your trusted support while you navigate the emotional roller coaster.

As a Divorce Coach and Author, Christine can help you during and after separation, divorce or any transition.  Christine will assist you to re-establish your relationship with yourself.  You will feel more confident, have more clarity and will find direction again.  She will help you find your voice as you move forward to the L.I.F.E. waiting for you.



       Divorced: So What Now What?

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Support through Divorced: So What, Now What?


Find support through one another by having a voice and be heard.  Local to Massachusetts, people are moving forward with the help of Christine facilitating a support group.  Here is what people are saying:

"This group is a much needed support link for people going through divorce." 

"Thank you Christine for putting this together and being so understanding."

"Thank you Christine for this group and thank you to everyone in it for being so welcoming last night. Being my first time with the group did make me a bit nervous but I appreciate everyone's support and knowing I am far from alone in this situation will make it easier to cope."


Empowering People Through Divorce & Beyond



Listen to Christine share some of her learning on Paul Boynton's show on Empower Radio.  She is walking the same path as you.  She gets real and honest with Paul and her own experience of her divorce.  She shares how she turned her biggest failure in life into her greatest success. 

Click on Empower Radio - Learning, Growing and Thriving After Divorce


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